SIGA CEO, Dr. Eric Rose, Selected To Serve As Member of National Biodefense Science Board

December 20, 2007 at 12:00 AM EST

New York, New York, December 20, 2007 - SIGA Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: SIGA), a company specializing in the development of pharmaceutical agents to fight biowarfare pathogens and protect the population at large, today announced the appointment of the company’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Eric Rose, to serve as an inaugural member of the newly formed National Biodefense Science Board (NBSB).

The NBSB was created under the authority of the Pandemic and All-Hazards Preparedness Act, signed into law in December 2006, and chartered in May 2007. The NBSB will provide expert advice and guidance to the Secretary on scientific, technical and other matters of special interest to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) regarding activities to prevent, prepare for and respond to adverse health effects of public health emergencies resulting from current and future chemical, biological, nuclear and radiological agents, whether naturally occurring, accidental or deliberate.

The NBSB held its inaugural meetings on December 17 & 18, 2007, in Washington, DC.

Commenting on the nomination, Dr. Rose stated, “It is an honor for me to be asked to serve on a board that seeks to inform and assist HHS in its decision making processes surrounding preparedness and emergency response planning. I look forward to being an active contributor and will bring to bear any experience I can in assisting the board to make positive ongoing advisory contributions to the health and safety of the nation.”

About SIGA Technologies, Inc.

SIGA Technologies is applying viral and bacterial genomics and sophisticated computational modeling in the design and development of novel products for the prevention and treatment of serious infectious diseases, with an emphasis on products for biological warfare defense. SIGA believes that it is a leader in the development of pharmaceutical agents to fight potential biowarfare pathogens. SIGA has antiviral programs targeting smallpox and other Category A pathogens, including arenaviruses (Lassa fever, Junin, Machupo, Guanarito, Sabia, and lymphocytic choriomeningitis), dengue virus, and the filoviruses (Ebola and Marburg). For more information about SIGA, please visit SIGA’s Web site at